Finance and accountancy salary survey: Have your say on pay, bonuses and hybrid working

Accountancy and finance job site GAAPweb has launched its 2024 Salary Survey to uncover the latest trends in pay, bonuses and hybrid working.

The site’s confidential survey aims to uncover the current trends, challenges and changes in financial recruitment. It’s aimed at accountants, finance managers, CFOs, and other finance professionals at all levels of experience, across all sectors.

GAAPweb – also owned by BusinessLive parent Reach plc – says the results will “help us define industry standards by showing employers and recruiters what sort of environment you want to work in.”

In its February 2023 survey GAAPweb heard from more than 1,300 finance and accountancy professionals. Some 60% of those polled had received a pay rise, while 51% had received a bonus.

Salary 2022 Salary 2023 Change
Europe £72,730 £71,461 -2%
London £76,224 £78,338 3%
Midlands £60,756 £61,509 1%
North East £63,464 £70,266 11%
North West £60,050 £64,515 7%
Scotland £52,167 £68,571 31%
South East (exc London) £74,274 £70,604 -5%
South West £57,373 £59,432 4%
Wales £62,875 £57,250 -9%

*Source: GAAPweb survey 2023

Respondents at FTSE 350 companies took home an average of £86,818 – up 4% year on year. In sector terms the highest-paid jobs were in pharmaceuticals, with candidates earning an average salary of £92,206, with fintech second with average salaries of £91,905 per annum.

2023 also saw a surge in hybrid working, with 68% of respondents adopting a hybrid structure, compared to 21% last year.

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