Temperatures in London to plummet to -2C as big freeze hits capital

Easter Sunday is here and beautiful weather is forecast for the capital.

Temperatures are set to hit 15C today (April 4) with no cloud until the later part of the evening and not a drop of rain forecast.

However, like the holiday, this weather isn’t set to last with some parts of London experiencing chilly lows of -2C as next week begins.

Amazingly, snow has even been forecast in parts of the country tonight as UK temperatures take a polar plunge.

It’s a world away from last week’s mini heatwave that saw highs of 24C, meaning Londoners will need to wrap up warm over the coming days.

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Indeed, shockingly in some parts of London, temperatures could reach as low as -2C on Tuesday morning (April 6) as a mini-winter sets in.

This is the full five day forecast for the week ahead.

It’s forecast to be a cold few days in London
(Image: Stefan Rousseau PA Wire)

Monday, April 5

Monday (April 5) will see light spells punctuated by bursts of clouds.

Temperatures will peak at 9C and there is a chance of rain in some parts of the capital.

Tuesday, April 6

Tuesday (April 6) will see light spells with a moderate breeze.

Temperatures will peak at 6C and there is a chance some parts of the capital will hit -2C in the morning.

Kenley in Croydon is forecast to be one of the coldest areas in London, while other boroughs such as Uxbridge will not be much warmer.

Wednesday, April 7

Wednesday (April 7) will see sunny spells and a gentle breeze.

Temperatures will peak at 9C with a low of 1C.

Thursday, April 8

Thursday (April 8) will see sunny intervals with a moderate breeze.

Temperatures will peak at 11C with a low of 3C.

Friday, April 9

Friday will see light cloudy conditions with a gentle breeze.

Temperatures will peak at 12C with a low of 6C.

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