The 50 best UK companies to work for in 2023

New Year, new job? With early retirement and an ageing population causing UK labour shortages last year, according to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, companies across the country are battling to attract talent into their businesses.

With fewer workers around, firms are being forced to compete to fill vacancies, giving jobseekers the upper hand – for once.

Although the jobs market cooled in December, it is not unusual for the time of year. A report by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), found many firms decided to push hiring activity back into January in the face of high inflation and economic uncertainty.

“A move is a great way to boost pay and build up skills,” said Neil Carberry, chief executive of REC. “If people are less willing to move jobs, this could make shortages worse in the near term. That is why a stable economy, and support to address labour and skills shortages – from welfare to work support to immigration and skills reform, need to be major priorities for all the UK governments.”

For those who are looking for something new this year, employment website Glassdoor has compiled a list of the 50 best companies to work for in Britain in 2023.

Global management consultancy Bain & Company, which has an office on the Strand in London, as well as 63 other offices around the world, took the top spot. Last year the company was named among the best places to work for LGBTQ+ equality by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

“The past year brought extreme highs and lows for jobseekers and employees, but despite an increasingly uncertain job market, Glassdoor data shows there are still companies hyper-focused on creating outstanding employee experiences,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor’s chief executive.

“It’s encouraging to see companies doubling down on employee mental health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, competitive benefits and flexible work environments as we head into 2023.”

Here are Glassdoor’s top 50 companies to work for in 2023. The firms are ranked out of a possible score of five.

50 best companies to work for in UK

1. Bain & Company

Working at Bain & Company – 4.7

“Genuinely some of the finest people to work with, smart and empathetic in spades”

2. ServiceNow

Working at ServiceNow – 4.7

“Exceptional innovation and world-class service, committed to diversity, sustainability, and employee welfare.”

3. Boston Consulting Group

Working at Boston Consulting Group – 4.7

“Opportunity to travel, interesting work, smart colleagues with exemplary credentials.”

4. Equinix

Working at Equinix – 4.7

“Culture, best people, thoughtful leadership makes Equinix exceptional.”

5. Ocado Technology

Working at Ocado Technology – 4.6

“Really good culture, people-centric, progressive outlook. Hybrid working is in place, which is quite flexible.”

6. Mastercard

Working at Mastercard – 4.6

“Very positive, supportive culture, highly professional and committed colleagues, excellent career progression opportunities.”

7. Google

Working at Google – 4.6

“Inspiring company mission and projects. This company really cares about culture and its people.”

8. Arup

Working at Arup – 4.6

“Good work-life balance. Great growth possibilities. Super benefits.”

9. Salesforce

Working at Salesforce – 4.6

“Constant support from colleagues and leadership. Great resources. Lots of career opportunities.”

10. Version 1

Working at Version 1 – 4.6

“Core values really mean something here. Honesty and integrity, drive, excellence, no ego, and personal commitment.”

11. Softcat

Working at Softcat – 4.6

“They have an absolutely spot-on understanding of what a modern work-life balance should look like.”

12. BlackRock

Working at BlackRock – 4.6

“Generous compensation, career development opportunities, friendly and social colleagues.”

13. Microsoft

Working at Microsoft – 4.6

“Culture is genuine, you live and breathe the Microsoft way.”

14. Adobe

Working at Adobe – 4.6

“Adobe is superb at listening to the employee and taking action. They are massive advocates of work-life balance.”

15. Novuna

Working at Novuna – 4.6

“Sharing knowledge and supporting each other is part of the culture. Things move forward with a real sense of doing things right.”

16. Imagination Technologies

Working at Imagination Technologies – 4.6

“A true hybrid working model that encourages to balance work and home life.”

17. Johnson & Johnson

Working at Johnson & Johnson – 4.6

“Collaborative culture with largely very talented people, caring company. Strong, value-driven leadership.”

18. SAP

Working at SAP – 4.6

“Great culture of inclusivity, coaching and mentoring support, and overall great opportunities for women in technology.”

19. Wise

Working at Wise – 4.6

“Great leadership, a good relationship between teams and I feel like I can really be autonomous here.”

20. Capgemini Invent

Working at Capgemini Invent – 4.6

“The culture truly is collaborative, respectful, innovative and makes for a great place to work!”

21. Office for National Statistics

Working at Office for National Statistics – 4.6

“Great benefits, flexible working hours, remote working, extensive learning resources, and interesting work.”

22. Cromwell Tools

Working at Cromwell Tools – 4.6

“Approachable senior leadership team which puts its people first. Open and honest communication.”

23. Mott MacDonald

Working at Mott MacDonald – 4.6

“Management is always looking to develop their staff and provide relevant courses and qualifications for you to achieve.”

24. SUSE

Working at SUSE – 4.6

“Acknowledgement of imperfections and inefficiencies with genuine efforts to improve the working experience for everyone.”

25. Cisco Systems

Working at Cisco Systems – 4.6

“Awesome team, lots of opportunities to grow, and constantly evolving technology.”

26. Dell Technologies

Working at Dell Technologies – 4.5

“Great for career changers of all ages as the training is brilliant and catered to your learning needs.”

27. Baringa Partners

Working at Baringa Partners – 4.5

“Baringa’s biggest selling point is genuinely caring about its people whilst providing challenging work and the opportunity to grow.”

28. Schroders

Working at Schroders – 4.5

“Overall, a great company to work for. Been very flexible over the pandemic and they foster a great, collaborative culture.”

29. Bloomberg L.P

Working at Bloomberg L.P – 4.5

“Great company to be a part of, a very welcoming and diverse culture of talented people! Incredible perks and package.”

30. S&P Global

Working at S&P Global – 4.5

“Great work-life balance, very good environment, flexible and put people first.”

31. Syngenta

Working at Syngenta – 4.5

“Interesting and challenging work with a great working environment. The company respects work-life balance.”

32. Deloitte

Working at Deloitte – 4.5

“Hybrid mode, flexible hours, they announced a review in salary payment. Good package of benefits.”

33. VMware

Working at VMware – 4.5

“Great people, chilled work ethics, lots of opportunities for career development and growth. Loads to learn.”

34. Awin

Working at Awin – 4.5

“Great values and culture and there is an understanding of work-life balance with the implementation of a four-day week.”

35. Diageo

Working at Diageo – 4.5

“Flexible working, good career progression, very good benefits, and pension package.”

36. Apple

Working at Apple – 4.5

“They have an incredible culture and value diversity, no matter what background. Employees are valued by their talents!”

37. RBC

Working at RBC – 4.5

“Excellent colleagues, excellent benefits, outstanding career growth opportunities.”

38. Fidelity International

Working at Fidelity International – 4.5

“They care about the employee – big focus on improving D&I, mental and physical wellbeing.”

39. Kainos

Working at Kainos – 4.5

“Really caring culture, always open to ideas to improve. People listened to and consulted about any changes.”

40. Dishoom

Working at Dishoom – 4.5

“Great company values and a huge amount of care and respect towards a workforce that’s so much more like a family.”

41. Goldman Sachs

Working at Goldman Sachs – 4.5

“Friendly and helpful team, that helped me learn the ropes of the job.”

42. Siemens

Working at Siemens – 4.5

“Good employer, well organised with opportunities for training and progression.”

43. NFU Mutual

Working at NFU Mutual – 4.5

“Good salary, bonus every year, people are great to work with, great support to progress within the company.”

44. Avanade

Working at Avanade – 4.5

“People-focused culture, rapidly expanding business, lots of opportunity to do interesting work.”

45. McKinsey & Company

Working at McKinsey & Company – 4.5

“Smart people, good learning, you will be the best that you can be in your field. Good benefits.”

46. Heathrow Airport

Working at Heathrow Airport – 4.5

“No day is ever the same. Plenty of career progression and even more so now with the growth in aviation out of covid pandemic.”

47. Expedia Group

Working at Expedia Group – 4.5

“Impressive benefits scheme to support your emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as any wanderlust you may have.”

48. Computacenter

Working at Computacenter – 4.5

“Managers are quick to praise and slow to criticise. Emphasis on employee welfare and work-life balance.”

49. Accenture

Working at Accenture – 4.5

“Great people, good opportunities for personal development and funding for training, praised for being authentic.”

50. Procter & Gamble

Working at Procter & Gamble – 4.5

“Caring, empowering & dedicated to their employees’ wellbeing.”

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